Mother’s Day Out

Child hand coloring

We would love for your little ones to join us at Mother’s Day Out!  This is a program that is designed to serve families in our community.  Children, ages 6 months to 5 years, will be engaged in learning as parents are given some much needed free time.

MDO meets at Bethany on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30am to 1:30pm.

For further information call Leigh Reasor at 502-439-1286.



A $50 registration fee for the first child and $25 for each additional child is required.

The fee is $25 per day for the first child and $17 for each additional child.


Here is an overview of how your child’s time will be spent at Mother’s Day Out:

Two Year Olds

The two year old program is designed to help your older toddler learn to be independent of you and how to interact with other two year olds.  Interacting with others is important, and they are just beginning to learn about sharing and taking turns.  This is taught through play, crafts, playroom time, bathroom visits, lunchtime, and story time.  Colors, shapes, and numbers are constantly being introduced and discussed.  Short prayers are said before snack and lunch.  After lunch, story time is introduced and is always an informative, interactive, group activity.  In the playroom, your two year old is learning to play and share in a large group, and is also using their small and large motor skills.  Music is introduced throughout the day, and a designated time is set aside for singing together at the end of the day.

Discipline is a two minute time out, if needed.


Three Year Olds

The three year old program is designed to make your three year old more independent of you, and to learn that they are no longer “babies”, but children.  Taking turns, being the leader, getting out their own lunches, learning to be helpful to others, interacting in small as well as large groups, navigating the bathroom; these are just some of the things your three year old will learn.  At craft time, circle time, playroom time, more will be expected of these children as the year progresses.  Concepts, numbers, letters, colors, shapes, seasons, self awareness, and perceptions of others, are just some of the ideas that these children will come into contact with each day.  Learning will not only come from “free” play, but from interaction with others and from playing simple games.  Prayers will be said before snack and lunch, and Christian ideas are shared throughout the day.

Social and motor skills are used in almost every aspect of the day.  Music, artwork, playtime, story and circle time are vehicles by which the Children learn how to interact with, but yet grow more independent from each other, while having a lot of fun.

Discipline is a three minute time out if needed.


Four Year Olds

The four year old class always has many tasks ahead of them.  They are busy all day counting, talking about shapes and colors, learning to build things together and interact as a group, as well as doing all sorts of crafts.  Paining, cooking, dress-ups, and puppetry are just a few of the ways in which this class will learn and have fun.

They will have a structured day, but a lot of the day’s emphasis will be on having a sense of success, and a firm (but gentle) push towards independence and doing all that they are capable of.  As they strive to become independent (going to the bathroom , themselves, opening and putting away their lunches, cleaning up after themselves) they will find pride in their accomplishments.  This builds self esteem and a confident child.  The alphabet will be introduced, with letter identification and recognition the goal.  Writing their name, having small jobs to do each day, learning to share and take turns are equally important to succeed in this class.  Their teacher, Teresa Osborne, will get to know each child, and find out what they are interested in, so that she can adapt their interests into each day.  This will make it a positive and creative environment for the child.

Social interaction and motor skills are used throughout the day.  Reading, writing, drawing, coloring, painting, stamping, game play, and just playing are always a learning experience for them.  Centers are set up in the room, and every child is encouraged to try new activities as well as their favorites.

Prayers will be said at snack as well as lunchtime, as are Christian ideas and thoughts used by the teacher daily.  The children are strongly encouraged to speak and interact in a Christian and respectful way.

Discipline is a four minute time out if needed.