Bible Study Classes

bible glasses Adult Bible Study Classes (Sunday mornings at 9:15):

go here Genesis Class (All adult ages)
Teacher: Dallas Vandiver
Room: Choir Hall Conference Room
This multi-generational class walks deeply through books of the Bible, unearthing the soul-feeding treasures of God’s Word. Berean Class (40-somethings and up):
Teacher: Ken Goosey
Room: Parlor
The Berean Class, focuses on applying the Bible to everyday life by implementing Lifeway’s Bible Study literature.  Conversational and friendly, the Berean Class emphasizes fellowship and encouragement.

does tetracycline interfere with birth control Women’s Bible Fellowship (women of all ages)
Teacher: Barbara Sharp
Room: Lower Fellowship Hall classroom 3
Employing Lifeway’s “Explore the Bible” curriculum, this class takes women through a book by book study of God’s word and applies it to their lives. Bethany Boosters (men 60+)
Teacher: Byron Boyer
Room: Education Building Rm 202
Using Lifeway’s LifeVentures material, these men study the Scriptures and offer one another prayerful support as they seek to grow stronger in the faith. Children and Youth Classes (Sunday mornings at 9:15) ampicillin buy Canada online : buy cheap tetracycline UK

enter site Nursery (ages 0-2)
Teachers: Theresa Phillips
Room: Preschool Area
In a loving, caring environment, the little ones gain a foundation for faith by hearing Bible stories and experiencing God’s love in very practical ways.

source url Preschool  (ages 3 through Kindergarten)
Teacher: Emily Dawson and Barbara Boyer
Room: Preschool Area
By implementing material from The Gospel Project, preschoolers build a foundation for faith by learning the grand themes of Scripture.

antibiotics interaction with alcohol BethanyKids (grades 1-5):
Teachers: Joyce Muncy and Cathy Cooney
Room: Education Building 102
Using The Gospel Project material, our children learn the Bible’s truths and begin to grasp salvation by faith in Christ through the meaningful and interactive study of Scripture.

Youth Class (grades 6-12):
Teacher: Mark Keifer
Room: Youth Room
Teenagers are encouraged to know biblical truth, to build a genuinely Christian worldview, and to become disciples of Jesus.